Your Beauty Blooming: How to make money for IVF and adoption.

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When your diving deep into infertility you can forget how to play.  In 2016-2017 was the height of fertility treatments and I fell apart. My psychologist said to us, just stop doing this yourselves. Go and do things that bring you joy. I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this but I had forgotten how to play. I though I knew but it was so surface. I had a food blog at some point and let that go and I also liked playing with skincare and makeup. I let that all go too.

Senegence fell into my lap and I dove pretty deep as an escape into a makeup and cosmetic company. At first it was my answer on how to start and pay for my IVF treatments and potential adoption, but I have a hard time getting over the idea that I’m paying for a family. That sounds pretty awful, paying for a family, but it you get down to it, without money there are no options to try everything that science (or alternative science) says to try. Even when changing diets, doing acupuncture or doing Functional Medicine takes money.

Senegence has been a lifeline for me and has Bloomed my Beauty from the inside and the outside which is why I named my Business “Your Beauty Blooming”.

Originally I was writing here to change women’s and men’s lives and let them know they are not alone with infertility, now I’m out to make an impact on as many women as possible so they can feel their way out of the world  of infertility and feel joy again. To learn to play and use makeup as their markers and crayons. To take care of their skin and feel this self-care. To feel the community of women that is empowering and that you don’t need to be in this world that is sometimes so sad and broken.

Some people decided to do what I do because they wanted to find a new community of friends. Some women decided to do what I do because they want more money and what they discover instead is themselves. We do what we do because there is a WHY behind it, a force driving us forward.

For now with the spinal surgery I’ve walked away from the fertility world at least till Dec. of 2018. What I will be doing is following a more strict diet but I’m also wanting to enjoy food. Enjoy cooking.


I now play with lipsticks, shadows, blush and facial scrubs instead of needles, waiting rooms and cycle monitoring. I was told to stop stressing about this whole fertility thing and go and play. Thats exactly what I did, I went and played. I’m still doing it. So now I’m play with Long Lasting smudge proof Lipstick (Lipsense) that has me twisted in knots and excited.

You can join my Facebook group and learn some simple makeup techniques. I’m changing the name of the group to reflect where we are all at.

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