Adoption vs infertility 

I’ve put a big toe into exploring adoption, specifically, foster to adopt. I’ve talked to one person in great depths about it and what stood out is you can stop the adoption process at any time. I joke, that once you are prego, there really is not going back, while in adoption there is. IContinue reading “Adoption vs infertility “

The dirty secret of infertility.

The dirty secret of infertility is the massive effect it has on our whole well-being and the shame. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that being diagnosed with and struggling with infertility can bring up a whole slew of unwanted negative emotions. One of the toughest to deal with is SHAME. When we tryContinue reading “The dirty secret of infertility.”

Diagnosis infertility. Job description, advocate.

I made a difference at my fertility clinic.  At the beginning of March, I met with the Patient experience officer and Dr. B after the failure of a fertility cycle. It was a two-hour emergency meeting. It happened because I was falling apart. We met because I felt like a number. I felt I wasn’t listenedContinue reading “Diagnosis infertility. Job description, advocate.”

Fertility, Vulnerability & embryo transfer

Listen to Husband talking about his thoughts about the Embryo Transfer Vulnerability and fear From the moment the date for the embryo transfer was set ten days ago, I have attempted on more than on occasion to post to social media that this is what we were about to do. I’ve written and deleted variousContinue reading “Fertility, Vulnerability & embryo transfer”

Ground breaking research: Can PCOS be an autoimmune disease?

This could be a game changer. I described in my post, “My diagnosis of PCOS is bullshit” how I thought how my PCOS was just a convenient diagnosis. “Currently, the diagnosis of PCOS is typically made using the Rotterdam criteria, which require two of the following three to be present: oligo- or anovulation; clinical and/or biologicalContinue reading “Ground breaking research: Can PCOS be an autoimmune disease?”

Infertility support groups spot the good vs the bad ones

Change your mindset to change your outcome.  I’m highly critical of support groups that allow patients to stay in suffering mode, in my mind, support groups should help patients move forward, beyond their suffering. I have a low tolerance for bullshit. I have visited and participated in two support groups. Here is how to spotContinue reading “Infertility support groups spot the good vs the bad ones”

Finding balance in life with infertility

In the process of going through infertility, we discover our humanity. There is more to the process than just creating a baby, in this process we need to find out what IS life. What is our “why”? I stopped going to the clinic at the end of March after my tests to determine the idealContinue reading “Finding balance in life with infertility”

Listen up! National Infertility week.

1 IN 8 COUPLES STRUGGLE TO BUILD A FAMILY When you sit in a movie theatre and look around in the audience, you can count, one…two…three… four….five…..six….seven…..<bam> eight and that couple will have fertility  challenges. Infertility does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality or economic status. I have seen everyone sitting at the clinic,Continue reading “Listen up! National Infertility week.”

Having kids is irrational. They do not make us happier.

I often read Penelope Trunk. She is an interesting writer and often has an interesting point of view. I wanted to share her latest post as it’s a bit controversial but as women, we really need, to be honest with ourselves as to what do we really want. Supposedly we can have it all andContinue reading “Having kids is irrational. They do not make us happier.”

A state of creation and contraction

I have been in a state of contraction. In this state, there is no room for creativity, creation or flow, not just for me but for everyone. I know have in this state for three months now because everything was painful, everything was hard and in a state of reaction. My inner-critic who I know wasContinue reading “A state of creation and contraction”