IVF, a game of numbers

IVF is a game numbers. The goal is to have the highest amount of eggs as possible because the statistics are against you. You never know if and how many eggs will survive and be fertilized.

  • 23 follicles were grown at the time of the IVF retrieval
  • 13 eggs removed
  • 60% (9 eggs) were fertilized through the method of ICSI
  • 40% (4 eggs) were fertilized through the petr-idish
  • Once the eggs are retrieved and fertilized they grown for five days before they are cryo-frozen
  • 7 fertilized on the first day
  • 7 made it to day 3 and were still fertilized and growing
  • 5 days of waiting till we found how many embryos survived and made it to day 5 to be cryogenically frozen.
  • 4 fertilized eggs out of the original seven made it to day five (out of the 23 collected)
  • 4 eggs were tested through the method of PGS to test for genetic abnormalities

Out of the 4 eggs that were fertilized that made it to day 5 and were frozen…..

2 had genetic abnormalities

Out of the two with genetic abnormalities….

one of them had trisomy 22, which causes still births and miscarriages

one of them had multiple chromosomal anomalies


We have TWO eggs left out of the 23 follicles grown and 13 eggs retrieved.

The strongest fertilized egg was the one from IVF . See picture below:


The second was fertilized from ICSI. See picture below to see how its done

This is ICSI. A embryologist selects a sperm and injects it into an egg to cause fertilization


Final number

It only takes one egg to make a baby.

I keep reminding myself it only takes one.

It only take one embryo to create life and make a baby. This doesn’t take into account of any miscarriages or the fact that an IVF transfer might not take at all.

In the second part of IVF there is science but there is the space ____________ between, and then your (my body).

As Husband said, IVF is an enhancer of the probability and increases your chances of getting pregnant, but there is the magical space __________ between science and the human.

In fertility we try to play God, but only He can decide if its time yet.


Published by Soul and Fertility

The journey to fertility has been a long one. The journey to fertility started with the awakening that mothering is something that I wanted to do and experience. Adding children to the mix of me started with the awakening of my soul and little by little got stronger. It took a lot of work, healing old childhood beliefs and understanding where the original thought of being so against came from. I was never that little girl who wanted kids or dreamed about the white gown. I didn't see and don't believe my self worth was wrapped around family and children. Its taken a long time to grow up and realize that there are little souls who I have not met yet that have chosen me to come back in physical form so I have expand even further on my whole soul and life purpose. I was the one who thought pregnancy would be easy, just stop using protection and less then three months it would happen. It didn't. This is the whole story of how I got from feeling sorry for women that were pregnant (because I thought they were ruining their life) to the place where I not having children of my own is something I couldn't imagine not doing.

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