My soul contract

Before you entered this physical time and space your soul made an agreement. Before you came into human form, your soul had specific purpose or destiny that it had agreed to fulfil. This destiny was written and is your Soul Contract.

When my brother was born I was nine years old.

I remember coming back home from school and my mom was running upstairs at 3pm still in the same state that I left her when I was going to school. I remember this so clearly because as a nine-year old to see your mom so overwhelmed and not with it – well it left a deep impression. I remember she was wearing her night-gown and it was either green or pink bathrobe. She was running up and down between rooms upstairs and told me she has not eaten yet. I didn’t understand why or show she could have allowed herself to not get dressed or eat.

I was told many times before and after my brother was born that my mom and her brother had a really good relationship. I remember clearly making my mind up that I would never fight with my brother because I didn’t want to be THAT sister. I wanted to be helpful and be a guardian for him. I vowed I would take care of him and make sure he was always safe. In a nine year old I translated that to being more than just a sister.

At this age I also realized how much energy and time a child takes. At a young age I questioned why would ever I want to have kids if this is how much time and effort it took? I vowed that I wouldn’t have any children till my brother was independent enough that he didn’t need me. This was my soul contract I created in the mind of a nine year old.

Throughout his growing up, I’ve helped in his development. One of the most significant ones was when he was in grade nine. I don’t remember the exact timeline, but was had a one bedroom apartment, he was not doing well in school, and I got a frantic phone call that I had to do something to make it better. My brother ended up living with us for a few months. It was a hard time but we were all going to push through this. Even when he had given  up on himself in ways that I can even begin to describe, there was no bloody way he was going to be able to push me away. I wouldn’t give up on him. If I had to take him kicking and screaming I would have. This taught me a lot about simply not giving up on  people and especially family.

I don’t even remember at what point, but somewhere around him entering University, he got mad at me and finally told me, I need you to be my sister and not my mom. That period took some adjusting as I realized how much in my own behaviour I would ‘mother’ him and that wasn’t ok. He was right. This also taught me how much we just fall into prescribed roles and how important it is to take a step back and reflect.

I’m so proud of him for pushing through and graduating. It was just amazing just seeing him finish.

It actually coincided this year when I started taking fertility treatments seriously and I committed to them and the process.

He is launched and I had graduted along with him and was ready to bring a child into this world. Completing whatever there is left in my soul contract.

What is a soul contract?

Essentially, your Soul Contract is the deal you made with yourself in order to help you grow and evolve to a higher state of awareness but, you are not alone. You are also given some help along the way by your guides and angels.

In order to fulfil your Soul Contract you are also assigned a set of spirit guides, angels and people to help you. If you are open enough, you will constantly receivesigns, messages and clues as to whether you are following your highest or destined path.

One of the best physical clues that you are following your Soul Contract or highest path is when synchronicity occurs or strange coincidences happen that lead you from one thing to the next.

Another good sign that you are following your highest path is when you seem to meet the right people at the right time who can offer you information, guidance and assistance when you are in doubt or wanting to learn.

There is some debate over whether or not you can break your Soul Contract. Some argue that everything you do is part of your contract, and others believe that you can wander off your chosen path. But was breaking your contract part of the deal?

I don’t think its possible to really ever break your contract, but there can be moments when your choices don’t always flow with your destiny. When this occurs you may experience confusion, negativity or even physical ailments, but remember all of this is sometimes necessary to help you naturally align with and move back into the flow.

Think of your Soul Contract as the mountain you were placed on- the mountain you were destined to climb. You can choose how to get to the top, you can choose which way you want to climb; each of these choices bringing about a completely different experience, but the destination will always be the same. Your mountain will continue to grow, shift and evolve as you do, but your purpose here in human form will always remain.

Published by Soul and Fertility

The journey to fertility has been a long one. The journey to fertility started with the awakening that mothering is something that I wanted to do and experience. Adding children to the mix of me started with the awakening of my soul and little by little got stronger. It took a lot of work, healing old childhood beliefs and understanding where the original thought of being so against came from. I was never that little girl who wanted kids or dreamed about the white gown. I didn't see and don't believe my self worth was wrapped around family and children. Its taken a long time to grow up and realize that there are little souls who I have not met yet that have chosen me to come back in physical form so I have expand even further on my whole soul and life purpose. I was the one who thought pregnancy would be easy, just stop using protection and less then three months it would happen. It didn't. This is the whole story of how I got from feeling sorry for women that were pregnant (because I thought they were ruining their life) to the place where I not having children of my own is something I couldn't imagine not doing.

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